Pro Series Protein

To get the most out of your training, you need to start recovering as quickly as possible. Pro Series Protein was designed for this specific purpose. It's the fastest digesting protein available, with an unbeatable amino acid profile. Pro Series quickly floods your body with the nutrients it needs to repair, grow, and improve! 
  • ✔ Faster Recovery
    ✔ Build More Lean Muscle
    ✔ No Bloating, Gas, or Nausea
    ✔ No lactose, fillers, or amino spiking
    ✔ 100% Native Whey Protein
    ✔ Naturally contains more key amino acids
    ✔ Clinically Proven Results

Ultra-Pure, Clinically Proven Superiority

Simply put, Body Shop Nutrition's Pro Series is the most effective protein supplement available. When you compare it to standard whey protein, our protein has been clinically proven to allow you to recover faster, build more muscle, enjoy greater energy, and train with more power and endurance.

How is this possible?

It's all about the quality and integrity of the protein that you're consuming. Since our protein is extracted directly from skim milk through a cold, mechanical process, we are able to produce an incredibly pure protein with an amazing amino acid profile, that doesn't contain any of the fat, carbs, bacteria, residues, or lactose that are commonly found in whey protein. 

Patented Extraction Process

Standard Whey Isolate:

Standard whey protein is produced as a byproduct of the cheese making process. Milk is heated, has a number of enzymes and other ingredients added to it, and is heated. This process creates cheese, but unfortunately damages the proteins that will eventually find their way into protein supplements. 















No Cheese Here!

Our Pro Series Protein is a new, ultra-pure dairy protein. It is produced through a cold, mechanical process that extracts the protein directly from pasture-raised, grass-fed cows' milk. This patented extraction process leaves us with a 95% pure protein by weight with an unmatched amino acid profile. 

The resulting powder has no carbs, fat, lactose, bacteria, cheese residue, or any of the other "bad" stuff that is found in your standard whey protein powders. As a result, it has a much cleaner flavor and is much easier on your stomach. 

Phenomenal Bioavailability:

When we say "bioavailability", we're talking about whether or not your body can actually digest, absorb, and use the protein that you are consuming. We have found that many protein products today, depending on the extraction process, have issues with this, and are barely used by your body at all. 

Luckily, the patented extraction process used to make our Pro Series Protein completely conserves the protein integrity. This allows your body to easily digest and use almost all of it! 

Faster Digestion:

Whey isolates are the best post-workout protein source, right? Nope... not anymore!

During the critical post-workout nutrition phase, your number one goal is to get nutrients to your muscle tissue as fast as possible so they can begin recovering. Our Pro Series Protein is currently the fastest digesting protein available, flooding your body with the crucial amino acids as fast as possible. 

What This Means For You:

Simply put, better protein means better results. More of our protein actually goes towards recovery and muscle growth than any other dairy protein available. It's perfect for anyone looking to improve performance, build more muscle, or speed their recovery after training. 

Typical Amino Acid Profile (Per 26g Protein):

Amino Acid Profile


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