Ingredients 101

Here at Body Shop Nutrition, we aim to provide the highest quality products that we possibly can. Naturally, this all starts with the ingredients that we choose to use. Every single ingredient that we use is sourced from right here in the USA and tested for purity before it makes it into our products. 

No Proprietary Formulas

Many companies today use proprietary formulas and extra ingredients to hide what is actually in their products. While this is great for protecting formulas, it cuts down on the effectiveness of the active ingredients. Here at Body Shop Nutrition, we believe in simple, effective formulas will full clinical dosages of each ingredient. 

Ingredients 101

Not only do we want you to know exactly what ingredients you are getting in our products, we also want you to know why they are present. Have you ever wondered why Beta Alanine is in your pre-workout or what Creatine does? Well, we want to help give you a basic understanding of what each of our ingredients does, and why we have included it in certain products. 

Click the category below to learn more about each of the ingredients in our products.
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