• More strength and power
  • Increased muscle endurance
  • Reduced feeling of fatigue
  • Boost protein synthesis
  • Decrease body fat

Betaine is a natural nutrient that is found in many healthy foods including whole grain, beets, and spinach. Our products contain BetaPower, a highly researched, highly pure form of betaine that is extracted from sugar beet molasses.

Betaine aids in a number of processes in the body, but one of its most important functions is as a methyl group (CH3) donor. These methyl groups are needed for over one hundred different reactions that are essential for normal cell function. These include the synthesis of creatine, carnitine, and epinephrine (aka adrenaline). All of these play a role in enhancing physical performance. From a muscle building standpoint, one of the most important function of betaine is to donate a methyl group to the amino acid homocystine, forming methionine, which plays a crucial role in building new muscle. In addition to being a methyl group donor, betaine protects and helps hydrate cells.

So, what does this mean for you? Clinical research has shown that betaine has a number of benefits for all types of athletes. First of all, studies have shown that supplementing betaine helps to improve strength and power output. This was shown in a 2010 study where two groups were tested for bench press and squat force. After two weeks, the group that was taking betaine showed a 35% greater increase in bench power and an 8% greater increase in their squat force when compared to the group taking a placebo.

In addition to increasing strength and power, betaine has also been shown to help increase endurance and reduce the feeling of fatigue. In one 2011 test, subjects were split into two groups, one given betaine and the other was given a placebo. They were asked to perform a number of exercises. The group that received the betaine noted a significantly lower feeling of fatigue, and was able to perform more repetitions at a higher volume load than the placebo group.

Betaine is found in our Octane line of pre-workout. We have included it in this product to help hydrate cells and improve athletic performance. The recommended dosage for BetaPower is 2.5g per day for optimal effect.

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