Beta Alanine


  • Increase muscle endurance
  • Boost strength and power output
  • Delay muscle fatigue

If you have ever taken a pre workout and felt the tingling sensation in your face, you have Beta Alanine to thank. Now, Beta Alanine is NOT the same thing as normal L-Alanine. While L-Alanine is converted by the liver into glucose, Beta Alanine increases muscle carnosine levels, which in turn acts as a lactic acid buffer.

When you exercise, lactic acid builds in your muscles, which leads to the burning and muscle soreness that we have all felt. Beta Alanine works by increasing the carnosine levels in your muscles, which in turn reduces the lactic acid buildup. This allows your muscle acidity to stay in a more optimal range, enabling you to workout harder and for an increased duration.

Beta Alanine is found in our Octane line of pre-workout. We have included it to increase endurance, exercise capacity, and strength. An effective dose is 2.5g.

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