Agmatine Sulfate


  • Boost NO production
  • Increase local bloodflow
  • Aid post workout recovery
  • Enhance insulin production

While Agmatine Sulfate is not an amino acid, it is derived from the amino acid L-Arginine through a process called decarboxylation. It has a number of benefits, much of them the same as L-Arginine, but with more potency. It can help to provide a mental edge, acts as an anti-oxidant, boosts Nitric Oxide, and can help to enhance and improve the body's insulin response.

 For years, L-Arginine was thought to be the best way to boost NO production to get a better pump. Unfortunately, as it turns out, very little supplemental Arginine actually goes towards NO production.

 Agmatine Sulfate is included in our Octane line of pre-workout in the form of AgMass, a more pure version of the amine. We have included it in order to help provide increased NO production for a better pump. An optimal dose for AgMass is 1,000 mg taken before working out.

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