Pre-Workout: Eliminate The Nausea

Have you ever taken a pre-workout and started training, just to feel like you're going to puke 20 minutes into your training? It's infuriating!

In this article, we're going to take a look at why this happens, and what you can do to avoid it. 

Why does it happen?

There are a number of reasons that a pre-workout product may make you feel sick, and this comes down to the individual. Depending on when you drink you pre, how much water you mix it with, the ingredients in the product, and how sensitive your stomach is... each person may react differently. No matter what the reason is, supplements are meant to improve your performance and health, not make you feel sick.  


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How Can We Fix It?

1. Dilute The Pre-Workout With More Water

This one is pretty simple. Mix your pre-workout with more water than the label suggests. The water suggestion on a label is meant to be the minimum amount of water to dilute the powder, while achieving the flavor that the company is after. You may simply need more water in your system.  

2. Eat Before Taking It

If you normally take your pre-workout on an empty stomach, try eating 45min - 1 hour before taking it. You should be eating before you train anyway, so this should be very easy. Sometimes, if your stomach is overly acidic, the powders can cause issues. Food can definitely help alleviate this. 

3. Avoid Problem Causing Ingredients

This is the main factor in determining if a pre-workout is going to make you sick or not. 

Certain strong stimulants have been known to cause nausea, such as DMAA, Synephrine, and high levels of caffeine (>400mg). If your pre-workout contains these ingredients, try out a stim-free pre-workout just to see if there is any impact. 

The next thing to look for in your ingredient list are the fillers and processing agents. when manufacturing powders, ingredients like silicon dioxide and calcium silicate are used to help the powder flow through the machines and not clump. While these are great for manufacturing, not everyone can tolerate ingesting them... after all, they are basically sand. Too much of these ingredients can cause upset stomach and intestinal distress, especially is you have an IBD. 

Our Approach:

When we started Body Shop Nutrition, and began to formulate our Octane Pre-Workout, we found out very quickly what ingredients can cause nausea and discomfort. 

Main Problem: The Fillers

When we first made Octane and began testing it, we were mixing up very small batches by hand for our own personal use and friends to test. The product had no flavor, and nothing but the active ingredients... and it was amazing! Great pump, lasting energy, and NO NAUSEA. 

Once it came time to manufacture it, we were told to add a number of extra ingredients to make the manufacturing process easier. Anti-caking agents (silicon dioxide & calcium silicate) so the powder didn't clump in the machines, preservatives to extend shelf-life, and more. 

Before going through with manufacturing, I tested the formula with these ingredients... and big shocker... it made me sick. After all... these ingredients really aren't meant to be ingested. 

So... WE LEFT THEM OUT! They have no performance benefit and can ruin your workout. 

The Result: Great workouts with no nausea, guaranteed. 

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